How to keep your customers contact database clean from spam?

Cybersecurity has become an important concern in the IT sectors today. Most of the call centre businesses are working towards implementing the system thoroughly for extra benefits. However, the threat of cyber attacks on customers is increasing each day but the problem is not every organisation is paying close attention to cleaning it.


One of the main reasons why businesses aren’t paying attention is spams. But spam is one of the most common ways for cyber attacks. If it isn’t taken care of in time, it can have a significant negative impact on the business. Cyberattacks on the database can eventually hamper your customers thereby leading to be problematic for you. Cyber attacks are one of the major frustrating issues.


Cyberattacks can get extremely problematic for email marketers. As a business, you should ensure proper contact list cleaning for your agents. Moreover as a business you need to ensure to bring about proper deals. The right cybersecurity plan can contribute to the enhanced business. According to reports, most of the business owners are implementing cybersecurity and technology risk into the business so that one can easily fight it.


What is email list cleaning?

Email list cleaning refers to the process of removing the inactive or old contacts from the email database. The contacts that are no longer active in the database might be blocked or bounce back. After a certain period of time, these emails eventually become spam traps and become harmful to the business.


It is extremely necessary to keep a check at the email list regularly and to clean it thoroughly. Just a brief check and cleaning will help to update the entire list. If you work properly, you will be able to get rid of the old and spammy links. It is as easy as getting rid of unwanted things in your house.


Also, keeping the account free of contacts will help to increase the opening rate. While removing spammy content from email seem easy, it is not. This is no less than scary. As a business owner, you should work towards enhancing the overall impact. Removing the mail accounts that are no longer active can only contribute towards boosting your productivity.


Email list cleaning is simple but it requires a lot of time. You just need to check the email list and remove what is not active and keep what is active. You put in a lot of effort to gather the list but then you need to remove. This is one of the best ways to grow your brand but it is scary. Also, it helps to improve your brand since you get to interact with new audiences and eventually boost your business.


Why clean email list?

Over the past few years, email list cleaning has become a necessity among businesses. This is usually because the clogged email list can affect your deliverability negatively. Most of the businesses are implementing call centre software that updates them about the importance of email list cleaning.


The open increase rates are one of the main reasons why you should be focused on cleaning thoroughly. The internet service providers analyse your strategy and work towards attaining it thoroughly. They keep a check on your opening rate. If your open rate is too low and the ISP analyses it, they have an understanding that no one is interested. If the ISP analyses the open rates to be low and works accordingly, it will eventually hurt your business.


If you clean your email list regularly you are ensuring that the business is functioning properly. Moreover, you are also ensuring that the business moves rapidly. One of the major advantages is that cleaning your email list will help to improve the ratio of emails sent to emails opened. Although the return on investment will be the same, the ISP will eventually improve over time.


As a business, you wouldn’t want any negative impact on your business. This will however not be possible if you have a good ISP. Worse ISP will lead to most of your mails entering the spam folder. If your mails end up in the spam folder, it can be an indication that your ROI and engagement will also be reduced over the years.


But maintaining ROI and ISP isn’t the only reason why you should be cleaning your email list. Call centre software keeps a check with all spam mails and whether or not it can harm your system in negative ways. Often it may happen that these negative folders are meant for harming your system thereby making prone to cyberattacks.


Also, when you clean the email list, you will be able to keep a check with your favorite brands. This will make it easier for you to get content that suits your interests and needs the best. Focusing on what you love can help to enhance the conversion rate.


How to keep spam away from contacts?

Often businesses think that to get away with the spam they will need to change the entire working and delete all the contacts. Well, this is not required when you are trying to get the spam out of your system. Any business without a company website should prefer getting one to enhance the customer experience. Also, the website helps to break the barrier first and improve familial bonds.


Most businesses are implementing ways through which they can easily get over the spam content from their folder. Some of the easy ways to do so include


Change your business contact

Since you are in business, there are sure to be a lot of contacts on the website. The easiest ways to prevent spam on the website is to change the way you write your mail or number. Apart from that, you can increase security by adding captcha to view the complete number.


Invisible Extra Field

The invisible extra field is referred to as the honey-pot method to keep everything in check. It is the opposite of captcha checkbox. The bot finds a form or checkbox and completed it that is invisible to the human form. If the checkbox fills up on submission, it brings about spam attempt and eventually leads to the mail being deleted before entering the system. This subject is programmable in various HTML platforms and websites.



As the business platform you never know if the sender is human or not. To ensure that the sender is human, you can include the captcha on contact forms. This eventually leads the sender to try out various intelligence quizzes. The quiz often contains distorted letters and numbers for the sender to solve. Some of them are arranged in an extremely complex procedure making it impossible for humans to solve them. If the toughest one is easily cracked, it eventually indicated spam mail.


Person validation

The validation from a human is often necessary to keep a check on the business. Person validation is expensive and necessary and the most functional one than other options. As the business owner, you can employ one person to keep a check on it. They will be responsible for removing the spam mails and keep the valid ones. However, if the contacts aren’t synced, individual validation will be required in each case.


Call Centre Software Myths you shouldn’t believe

The call centre has been the major focus for the businesses. Each business needs call centre to provide unified customer service. It is usually the lack of proper customer service that most of the business tends to lose the customer base. Nonetheless, it is not only the lack of customer service but also the failure to offer why one should be using call centre software.


The right call centre software can play a major role in bringing boost around the business. But, often the business fails to do so. The lack of proper service to the customers makes the clients run away. Also, even today, when the technology has developed at such a rapid rate, not every business is opting for the call centre software. Several myths and beliefs have encircled the call centre software business that most of the business owners refrain from implementing this in their long-term service.


One should be aware that the call centres aren’t only for calling but more. Over the years, businesses have grown at a rapid scale. These aren’t only contact centres but more than that. However, the call centres have bad reputation but that in no way has affected the popularity. Using the right call centre software can be a major boost to your business’ customer service and quality assurance. Being a little careful with what you provide to your customers can be extremely helpful around the business.


Why do call centres have a low reputation?

Over the years, the call centre software tends to have a negative reputation with the customers. Compared to the local, offshores call centres have been a major problem for the business. Various factors have led to the customers beginning to hate the call centre such as the following


No proper respect

Often customers feel that the call centre employees haven’t treated them respectfully or your questions weren’t answered properly. This often happens with the call centre based offshores. Although it appears as a minor problem, it can be a major threat to your customer satisfaction.


Language problem

Believe it or not, while discussing with your call centre agents, the language barrier is sure to arrive. This is a very natural problem and yet a threat to customer service. Most people do not want to be aware of the existing language gap. Working in a call centre is all about having the correct accent and cultural knowledge. The lack of these two aspects will eventually make it tough for you to work in a call centre.



No matter how much one business denies it, each of them provides a script to their agent to communicate with the customers. While this is prevalent in ever customer centre, it is necessary to note that the customers do not like talking to scripted conversations. Scripted conversations often make the customers feel like their answers aren’t being given properly and moreover it makes them feel as if they are talking to a robot.


Customers hate middlemen

No matter how much you deny it, the customers just hate intermediaries. As a customer, they expect directly to talk to your company representative and not some other company. You should not be providing fake and unrealistic ideas to your customers. Not giving them proper response and including a middleman in-between can only help to destroy the customer experience.


What are the myths?

It is usually the surrounding myths that have made it impossible for the customers to sustain in the business. This, however, tends to have an overall negative impact. Some of the popular myths regarding the call centres include


The existing telephone system needs to be thrown away

Proper communication has an important role to play in each business. One of the most common misconceptions regarding the business is once you install the call centre software you will need to throw away the existing telephone system. This is not true because you can install call centre software even with your existing telephone system. Businesses that do not have existing system can opt for new ones, but the ones who already have the system can implement the software in itself. As a result, you will be able to give up on the older software and boost new service each day.


Service calls and quality

Quality is a major requirement for customer satisfaction. No customer wants disruptions in their call. As a result, it is extremely necessary for businesses to implement proper connection to avoid any inconvenience. If you have proper call centre software, quality and service won’t ever be a major issue. Moreover, even in case of bad weather you can be assured about the quality. The design and construction of the model have an important role to play. With the right software, you will be able to bring about a huge change in your business. You need to get in touch with experts who can provide you high-quality, reliable call centre software.



The functionality and flexibility of the call centre software are one of the most debated topics. People feel that the call centre software can only help to improve customer satisfaction and not others. However, it is very untrue. With the advent of call centre software, the flexibility has improved thereby proving to be helpful for the increased control and customisation. Since all of it is in the cloud, management has become very easy. The one-time integration of the call centre software with other applications can make it easier for the employees to carry out major amount of work.



One of the greatest and most common myths about the call centre software is that these are pretty expensive. Compared to the traditional system, call centre systems are extensively important and chape. It is necessary to get in touch with the right call centre software who can help to bring about a boost in the business. The traditional calling phones require extensive maintenance which can eventually prove to be expensive in the long run. However, this is not the case with call centre software. The agent and maintenance can eventually reduce a lot with the software model. As a result, the software model can help to make channelling easier despite the emergence of new businesses. If you compare the annual charges for on-premise business and software, you will eventually find that the software is affordable.



Call centre software, although on the cloud are extremely secure and helpful. With the centralised system of data storage, you can be sure about receiving high-quality business. Moreover, these systems are compliant with your business and ensure that you receive the required level of security. As a result, all the data of your customers are secure with the call centre software. With the call centre software, you don’t need to be worried about outsourcing the work. This is usually because most of it is already available on the cloud. Since you are not outsourcing any security requirements, you can be assured about receiving high traffic.


Call centre software has become a necessity for most businesses. Each day, a new trend or feature is being added in the software for better business. It is being anticipated that it in the coming years, call centres will become a predominant factor in most businesses.  Therefore, you should make sure to introduce one in your business as well for uninterrupted customer service.


Prepare Your Call Centre Business For Hike in Call Volumes

Call centre industry is an ever-evolving one. With such rapid developments in technology, the call centre industry is sure to improve. The coming in of call centre software has added up to the benefits. Ever since the business grew and software was included in the industry, the call centres have seen a sudden spike in the price. With the call volumes increasing each day, it is becoming impossible to manage the call volume.


To ensure call management becomes easy, the industry includes not only manual labour but call centre software as well. The software manages all the easy task while the advanced tasks are being managed by the agents. As a result, choosing the call centre software is extremely important which can eventually bring a boost to your business.


Customer service sector

The Neotel call centre software is aimed at improving the complete call centre experience. The business personnel are ensuring to use it the right way. If the software is used the right, the call volumes can eventually improve over the years. About more than 110 million people are in need of call centre software services. Moreover, it is one of the most demanding agencies that require you to spend a lot of money.


The customer service sector is one of the major growing industries. With growing time, it becomes extremely necessary for businesses to maintain their reputation. This, however, is only possible if the businesses provide uninterrupted service to the customers. Over the years, several businesses have come into being to enhance the overall experience for all. While keeping your customers seem like a very big task, it is not. Small contributions with uninterrupted service can eventually bring a boost to your business.


Most of the call centre service sectors have seen massive growth in their business despite the challenges available to them. This growth is mostly due to the implementation of the right software. Even small businesses can grow significantly with the right software. It is necessary to equip your business with high-class technology so that the business can eventually handle the rise in call volumes. As your business grows, the increase in call volumes is common. Hence, to ensure uninterrupted service, it is necessary to be prepared with that.


About 76% of the customers for the businesses are happy if the service providers provide them with better communication and easy solution to their problem. How to provide service to your customers is the real test of time. Long waiting time can make businesses lose their trusted customers. This is usually because the customers tend to become frustrated and annoyed after a certain period of time.

call  centre software


How to prepare the call centre for a hike in volume?

Although call management sounds tough, it is not. Taking small easy steps can help to prepare your call centre for a hike in call volumes. If you have a proper plan and better functioning call centre software you will be able to note the increase in call volumes and random call volumes without any failure.


Some of the prominent steps that can help to prepare the call centres for a hike in call volume include the following


Optimize your service channels

Service channels have an important role in businesses. As businesses it is extremely necessary to keep the channels optimised to attract more customers. Irrespective of their age, banking has become a major concern to the customers. Most of people are using mobile banking because it is easy. Therefore, banks nowadays are using self-service options for customers. The customers no longer need to rush to agents for getting their queries solved. This ensures easier and faster solution thereby proving to be a boost to the business.


The IVR technology can be one of the major sources through which you can promote the self-service channel for the convenience of the customers. You can provide the direct caller service and the self-service option to the clients. The mobile app and live chat options can help to enhance the overall impact.


Focus on Training

You shouldn’t be avoiding the importance of training while maintaining the call centre. The call centre agents need to be thoroughly trained across the multiple channels and disparate systems to boost up productivity. This will further help in the maintenance of the new agents and will help to handle the high call volume.


You should include new experienced team members in your team to ensure better business. While you hire more staff, you should equip them with training of the call centre software as well. If you keep a check on it, you will be able to ensure better comfort. Moreover, if you hire experienced ones, you will be able to accomplish the tasks.


But one thing to note that it is not easy to maintain the call volumes and the customer experience. You can keep a check with the pressure of the service for extra benefits. The organisation may feel overwhelmed over a certain period of time during the growth period. This will ensure that you easily build up the trust and important service eventually required for a boost in your business.


How to handle data weight?

Data weight management plays an important role in developing the overall business. The collection and data analysis has a key role to play. This can play an important role in getting data. Some of the prominent tips that can be helpful in building up the strategy include the following


Get the right software

The right software plays an important role in enhancing the overall business. With the call monitoring strategy, you can bring about a huge boost in your business. You need to determine if the call centre software matches everything with that of your business such as that of the size and ease of use, and whether or not you can manage the business. You also need to determine the security of your business for enhanced business.


Don’t analyse the calls but manage it all

You need to keep a check with the business and track the performance. This will play an important role in keeping track record with the business. Call centre software monitoring can be effective for keeping a record of the call volume. This is however impossible with the human analysis. You need to record the calls and determine how it went by. Keeping a record of how long and well managed every call went by can play an important role to determine the mistakes and corrections. This paves the way for constructive analysis.


How to include the team in call centre monitoring?

Call centre software has an important role and it is necessary for every team member to be involved. Constantly checking and evaluation of the business and efforts from all sides will eventually bring a boost in your business. Some of the most prominent ones include the following


Allow opinions

You should allow opinions of all your members. This will help to bring about success for your business. You should allow your team members to have an opinion and self-evaluate the sessions.


Incentive performance

If you provide incentives for better performance, you will be able to bring a huge boost to your business. The clients will be able to function better than usual.


Successful Tips for Customer Service Agent Key Performance Indicators

The call centres have developed significantly compared to the past few years. The presence of information and data contributes towards running a successful inbound call centre. However, with new introductions each day, it is necessary to keep a check with every aspect.


The inclusion of the right strategy can play an important role in boosting the entire business. The call centre has seen massive development over the past few years in the industry because of the call centre software. Corporate executives are very much dependant on the key performance indicators to determine how their business has been functioning.


The managers need to keep a track on the performance of their employees for added benefits. The key performance indicators are the main factors that contribute to the success of a business. Moreover, KPIs have played an important role in business functions as well as procedures. It is extremely necessary to keep a check with these functions to meet the daily performance strategies and the targets.


The revolution in digital technology has contributed a lot towards the boost in the business. With values and purposes, it has become extremely necessary for the call centre organizations to come up with a great strategy. The call centre software can be one of the best things to create a boost in strategy. It also contributes towards understanding how the business would function over the years. With the right strategy, every team can get it done. However, it is necessary to keep a check on the team and what industry you’re focusing on.


Based on all your contributions and estimations, you can eventually bring about change in KPI and better business.


Successful Tips

Several factors over the years have contributed to the growth of the businesses. Some of the successful tips to driving your KPl include the following


Average Time Spent on Phone

call centre software

A proper strategy implemented through the call centre software can play an important role in identifying the average time spent on the phone. The managers usually keep a check on how much time the employees are spending to talk with their customers.


If the percentage is high, then the customer will have a bad experience. However, the employee shouldn’t be spending much to talk to the customer. This is applicable to reduce caching. Keeping track of time and number of calls can help to enhance the overall experience and metrics. Also, you get to keep a record of reps. Based on that, an organization can decide whether they need to increase or decrease the training for the employees.


Average Time to return a missed call

A missed call for any business can prove to be costly. This is usually because you will lose a customer effectively. If you have received any missed call from a customer, you should ensure to return the call effectively. The call centre software would eventually notify you about the missed call. Hence, you can keep a check with it.


Apart from the missed call, long hold too displeases the customer. Once a customer leaves your business, they are very unlikely to return and thus, will lead to affecting your business. When you miss the calls, you need to take everything into consideration. However, most teams struggle to come up with an effective strategy. You may as well use a different channel for contacting your customer. You shouldn’t be missing your contact or it can eventually impact your industry in a negative way.


Average Speed of Answer

The average speed of answer is usually measured based on the time the employee takes to answer your calls. The call centre during a particular time frame needs to answer to the queries of the customer. The speed of answering the call also depends on how many reps that customer had to face before the call was answered. Nonetheless, the navigation of the IVR system isn’t included in this.


The efficiency of the team and call centre software can act as a boost to drive the KPI increase. The degree as well needs to be thoroughly accessible to the calls. Based on how the calls are answered within a specific time range, one may proceed with it accordingly. The scaling operation however isn’t a necessity in this aspect. The time to call and time is taken to answer can bring about a huge difference. Studies have shown that most of the calls that weren’t answered in 4 minutes led to calls being rejected and eventually the customers turned down the audience.


Customer Satisfaction score

It is pretty hard to calculate or determine the customer satisfaction score. Since you are taking into consideration the financial aspect, it is pretty hard to grasp the customer satisfaction score. One of the most popular ways to determine customer satisfaction KPI is through CSAT.


Most businesses prefer asking their customers to rate them in order to determine customer satisfaction. The call centre software often contains essential features that can make it easy for anyone to calculate the details and leave feedback. The final score is calculated on the basis of average response. You can select from different ranges but the easier one can bring about cultural differences.


Customer Retention Rate

Customer Retention Rate directly depends on what the business has been doing to retain their customers for a long time into the business. The customers, if dissatisfied tend to leave the business. However, advanced features and different benefits can make your customers stay for a long time. Reports have stated that retaining a customer is more difficult than getting a new customer.


A new customer can be expensive but to retain an older one, a business organization will need to make constant efforts. It is very difficult to attract a new visitor and then convert them into a customer for your business. However, you can always give in efforts to retain them for a long time. Studies have shown that most businesses get maximum benefits only from their retaining customers. The customer retention rate can either be calculated weekly, monthly or annually.


Employee engagement

While your customer retention is important, employee engagement is also necessary for the business. Your team has a major contribution to your business. Apart from customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction matters as well. If your employees aren’t satisfied with your business, it is sure to go down.


Long-term employment can be a major boost to your business. You can always reach you for employee salary and provide them with high-class training in order to get better results from all. To determine employee satisfaction, you can always ask them questions or ask them to rate your business.


Average Call Work Time

Despite ending the call, most call centre and repetition do not end. It is extremely necessary for businesses to understand how the reps get disconnected to solve the problem. Apart from handling the call, as a call centre organization, you can always send email and information.


It is necessary to keep your teammates informed about the call. The rep time and completing the transaction is necessary even when the customer has disconnected the call. Once the call ends, the leader will look forward to reducing the work. Not only can they maximise the time of communication, they can also look for ways that can maximize your business.



Advantages of conversational artificial intelligence in call center

Over the years, digital technology has advanced at a rapid speed which has paved the way for the introduction of efficient customer services. The call centre software has proven to be extremely effective in the long run. Conversational artificial intelligence has played an important role in shaping the future of the companies and enhancing the customer experience.


The inclusion of AI into the system has brought about a revolution in the companies thereby increasing productivity and lowering overall cost. The artificial intelligence is also helping to bridge the gap between customers and companies, without the effective inclusion of experienced human touch.


How is conversational artificial intelligence transforming the call centre sector?

The artificial intelligence’s inclusion has helped to shape up the call centre industry. With more and more businesses outsourcing their call centre requirements, the demand for labour is increasing each day. However, to meet these sufficient requirements, human labour may not always be sufficient. To avoid this risk, conversational artificial intelligence is included.


Most call centre software of the updated time is coming in with artificial intelligence to ease the manual labour. The artificial intelligence takes up the call on the basic level and transfers it to the agent only in case of emergency.


Moreover, call centre software has also been helping to enhance the omnichannel experience for the customers. This plays an important role in enhancing customer service and boost your sales. Most businesses are implementing call centre software into their businesses to ease the entire process. It is necessary to understand what artificial intelligence is and how it boosts up the sales.


What is artificial intelligence?

call centre software

Artificial intelligence may appear like a new concept but it has been in the market ever since 1955. The scientists back then were looking for a few ways to enhance the machine learning experience and hence, artificial intelligence was brought about into experience. Well, ever since the development, artificial intelligence has come a long way from just solving problems to that of improving abstractions, concepts and understanding languages.


Conversational artificial intelligence has become an important part of the digital technology sector. Artificial technology is being implemented in most of the sectors thereby helping to enhance the business running capacity. It is also helpful for saving money on labour and include more businesses in the service. Artificial intelligence over the years has been brought into search engines. This further implements and helps people to find out things they have been looking for but in a faster and specified manner.


Conversational artificial intelligence has surely made some great contributions to the call centre sector. Not only has it helped to enhance the experience for call centre employees but the customers as well. The system works just like your thoroughly trained employee thereby helping to save money on certain sectors. As a result, for a cheap rate, you can enjoy maximum services.


What are the benefits of artificial intelligence in call centre software? 

Conversational artificial intelligence in call centre software has come a long way thereby helping to improve the overall experience. However, it has played an important role in boosting up customer service. Some of the prominent benefits of conversational artificial intelligence include the following


Superior Customer Service

Conversational artificial intelligence or chatbots have become an absolute favourite among the customers. Chatbots are often regarded as the best part of artificial intelligence in customer service. The chatbots are digital agents that can provide all kinds of basic services to the customers.


The chatbots can be helpful for carrying out research or solving major questions. These are excellent assistants as well for solving customer queries. The chatbots will initiate the conversation with the customers and then transfer the call to the qualified agents. The combination of artificial agents with customers can save time.


Better data collection

Artificial intelligence can be one of the best ways to collect data and save it. Customers saving favourite products can eventually be purchased later on. This will further contribute to enhancing sales and marketing practices.


The sales agents keep a check with the customers and offer product information. This will play an important role in boosting the business. Artificial intelligence is known to enhance communication style. As a result, the service agents can interact with the customers effectively.  Better engagement can help boost your entire business.


Improved agent efficiency

Conversational artificial intelligence can be one of the best ways to enhance agent efficiency. These can play an important role in enhancing the customer service and it further helps to lower the risk of human-agent interaction.


The call centre software can help carry out simple tasks like checking account balance, looking up the address and providing a delivery time. With artificial intelligence taking over, the agents can enjoy free time. This free time can further be used for solving complex cases and it can help increase the attention and eventually their business.


Consistent customer service

As a business, customers expect 24*7 service. However, providing 24*7 service may be close to impossible. The implementation of conversational artificial intelligence can be a great way to boost customer service.


In case customers have simple queries, they can be easily answered through artificial intelligence. It can also be an efficient way to enhance your overall business. As a result, the businesses will be able to save time and effort when the agents aren’t available. It can further help enhance customer strategy and meet customer satisfaction.


Easily scalable

Conversational artificial intelligence can make scaling pretty easy. As the company evolves according to digital needs, the digital assistants will be able to change and alter accordingly. The customers eventually use the text and voice technology to meet the customer’s requirements.


The customer’s requirements can further meet the profile, and communication requirements. Therefore, the previous interaction can be helpful in the long run. Based on the requirement, the customer will eventually be connected to the agent who has the required skills and qualities. This will help to deliver the service accordingly.


Is human touch need a call centre? 

Despite the emergence of call centre software, human touch or agents will always be a necessity in a call centre. Conversational artificial intelligence can never take over the importance of manual labour. Some of the most prominent reasons why human touch will always be a necessity in the call centre include the following



Despite the development of technology and lowered cost in many aspects, implementing artificial intelligence into the system can be pretty expensive. Although it can help with customer interaction, artificial intelligence will help answer only the basic level interaction.



Trained staff can contribute to easing a lot of processes. The trained staff can help solve even the complex questions and the simple ones as well. But, answering complex questions cannot be expected from the machine. The automated response has pre-programmed settings, but a human response can be more effective.


Human touch

No doubt that the customers love chatbots but there is nothing better than human touch. Customers always love hearing from the person in touch. They expect the best of all services. Although machines are changing but there can be nothing better than human service.