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How to keep your customers contact database clean from spam?

Cybersecurity has become an important concern in the IT sectors today. Most of the call centre businesses are working towards implementing the system thoroughly for extra benefits. However, the threat of cyber attacks on customers is increasing each day but the problem is not every organisation is paying close attention to cleaning it.   One […]

Call Centre Software Myths you shouldn’t believe

The call centre has been the major focus for the businesses. Each business needs call centre to provide unified customer service. It is usually the lack of proper customer service that most of the business tends to lose the customer base. Nonetheless, it is not only the lack of customer service but also the failure […]

Prepare Your Call Centre Business For Hike in Call Volumes

Call centre industry is an ever-evolving one. With such rapid developments in technology, the call centre industry is sure to improve. The coming in of call centre software has added up to the benefits. Ever since the business grew and software was included in the industry, the call centres have seen a sudden spike in […]

Successful Tips for Customer Service Agent Key Performance Indicators

The call centres have developed significantly compared to the past few years. The presence of information and data contributes towards running a successful inbound call centre. However, with new introductions each day, it is necessary to keep a check with every aspect.   The inclusion of the right strategy can play an important role in […]

Advantages of conversational artificial intelligence in call center

Over the years, digital technology has advanced at a rapid speed which has paved the way for the introduction of efficient customer services. The call centre software has proven to be extremely effective in the long run. Conversational artificial intelligence has played an important role in shaping the future of the companies and enhancing the […]

Everything you need to know about call centre software and chatbots

Call centre software and chatbots have come a long way. Ever since the call centre industry went digital, various inclusions of technology only contributed to making the work easy. This coming in of call centre software and different technologies have contributed a lot towards reducing the overall charge.   Most businesses used to hire people […]

Tips and Strategies to enhance the call centre experience

Often people have complained about call centres and how they can give an unpleasant experience. Call centres are a great way for the business to know their customers but sometimes it just does not work out. Hence, it is extremely necessary to be prepared for it.   Over the years, customer demands have increased on […]

Call Centre Trends to watch out for in future

The call centre has gone down a rapid change in the past few years. Last year, the call centres and customer experience faced a lot of differences due to new developments. However, the most common thing that ever remained was the inclusion of call centre software and virtual agents.   Virtual agents have played an […]

Everything you need to know about auto-dialer software

Call centre software is evolving regularly. This is playing an important role in bringing about change in their business. Earlier, some decades ago, employees faced a lot of trouble with finger sores because they had to reach out to dialers to contact the customers. But the time of dialing to customers is long gone and […]

Benefits for the travel industry with call centre software

Communication is an important part of all businesses these days. But, communication is not based on just voice calls anymore. Apart from the general incoming and outgoing calls but something more than that. As far as communication is concerned, it is entirely dependant on the video calls, voice calls, text, fax, and social media posts. […]