Benefits for the travel industry with call centre software

Communication is an important part of all businesses these days. But, communication is not based on just voice calls anymore. Apart from the general incoming and outgoing calls but something more than that. As far as communication is concerned, it is entirely dependant on the video calls, voice calls, text, fax, and social media posts.


With the coming in of businesses, it has become important for all businesses to implement the right modes of communication. Call centre software can be one of the best ways to boost the communication procedure. Several industry sectors such as financial, healthcare, consumer goods, and travel have been implementing these into the businesses for extra benefits. With these your communication setup would no longer be like the older one but an updated procedure. Call centre software can be beneficial for your business in different aspects.

Out of all, travel companies need the call centre software for various reasons. The travel companies are always in search of prospective call centre software to enhance their business profit. With the travel industry rising at such a rapid rate, the industry is sure to rise of $100 billion by this year. Travelling acts as a break from the monotony and experience a new world altogether.


Why do different industries need call centre software? 

There are several reasons why any specific industry will need the software. Some of the most prominent ones include


Better Communication

With a centralized database, call centre software is known to enhance the working and help employees communicate properly to respective departments and each other. It will become easy for the sales clients to consult each other. Therefore, it will offer accountability for each employee to understand their respective responsibilities.


Improved customer experience

Call centre software is known to enhance customer service with proper customer experience. The software is aimed at offering correct and appropriate information through customized touch. The software is known to be helpful in streamline data processing and helps to improve brand loyalty and customer retention.

call centre software


Easy to use

Neotel’s call centre software is extremely easy to use. Since these are cloud-based solutions, the virtual storage system can make it easy for you to store your products. This will prove to be a kickstart for your business to enhance the work.


Better Productivity

Call centre software helps boost productivity thereby helping to enhance the telephony calls. If the agents use software implemented system, they will be able to take care of all inbound and outbound calls. Moreover, they will also be able to keep track of the calls. The software is aimed at enhancing employee ease as it transfers the call to the right agent effectively.


What challenges are being faced by the travel and tourism industry? 

Whenever a customer reaches out to you, their first aim is to receive quick response. Whether they contact you through call or social media channels, they look forward to reaching out to a quick response.


The travel industry is a valid one and can be helpful for the customers online as well as offline. Nonetheless, the travel and tourism industry is the one facing the most challenges. Some of these include the following


Lack of a centralized strategy

The customers look forward to a quick response irrespective of the platform they contact you from. This however leads to a crash. The travel industry with the advent of the internet is expected to be responsive through online and offline services.


Operational Failover

Operational failover may prove to be a huge loss for businesses as each interaction is favorable. One single loss over operational failover can prove to be a complete loss of customer data. Various problems such as natural disasters and network outages can prove to huge loss in the long run.


Limited business hour

The constrained business hours can prove to be extremely difficult with multiple geographies. Most of the travelers look forward to booking their flights even after business hours but the unavailability of agent can be a huge downgrade. No response may affect the reputation of your business and you will eventually lose your customers.


Why travel agencies need call center software?

Some of the prominent reasons why travel agencies need call centre software include the following.


Unified desktop

The agents need to stay connected to each other apart from the customers. Including customer data, easy access to information and communication tool is extremely beneficial daily. This is very much helpful for offering high-quality service to the customers. The organized customers will be able to bring about action to the business and customize data in one single piece at the agent’s fingertips. This makes it easier for them to customize all the data without having to search for more information. With all customer data being implemented in one screen, they will be able to personalize each interaction.


Save Time For Customers

Customers related to the travel and tourism industry always look forward to saving time. With a proper call centre, the customers are able to save up a lot of time. This is usually because the call centre software are integrated with all the essential businesses. This will eventually help reduce hold time for customers as the agents


Engagement on social media

With the virtual call centre software, unified agent desktop has played an important role in enhancing the customer experience. The agents get to engage through different social media platforms and solve the queries of the customers. This will make it easier for all to reply easily.


No loss of data

All your customer data will be saved on cloud, and helps to enhance the flow of business. The travel industry receives thousands of queries each day which gets lost amidst each other. However, with the call centre software all the data will be stored on cloud. One loss of data can lead to huge loss in business. But the software stores all data in cloud, thereby preventing any loss. The built-in recovery mechanism helps in taking backup and restoring all data.


Proactive communication

With the help of proactive communications, the customers will be able to contact the business through different digital channels. These channels will further be helpful for providing clear notifications and travel updates. Moreover text messages will be sent with each update through apps or Messengers. The call centre software has AI included in the business which is helpful for processing payments via different channels. As a result, through small messages itself, people can stay updated about itineraries. Moreover, a lot of customers even stay in touch with the call centre software while they’re on their travel destination.


Easy booking

The live agents are always available on the platform to help people. This gives the ability to the customers to book services and travel plans on their own. Self-service is often the most preferred options as the customers do not undergo any disturbance. Neotel’s call centre software comes with developed technology that can be a boost to your travel business.


With the travel industry growing at such a rapid rate, it is necessary for the industry to have proper implementation for better business. Interaction is the aspect of business which is further helpful to enhance the entire impact. It is necessary to get in touch with the right call centre software provider to offer high-quality service to your customers.