Benefits of predictive dialers for your business?

The companies today are adopting the telephony technology for different purposes. The telephony technology implemented with inside sales, cold calling and customer support delivery is playing an important role in boosting the organization. But one essential thing to notice is how many businesses have implemented these telephony technology in their businesses.


The call center software have these predictive callers in their business. Despite the benefits and popularity it is necessary to note than not every business implements the call center software. Rather than opting for digital software, most companies are opting for manual dialing machine which requires the agents to continuously call. These however leads to disruption for most of the calls get unanswered.


Unanswered calls and unsolved problems had always been a major problem with the call centers. As a result, call centre software introduction in the business is aimed at solving the problem and answering the calls on a regular basis. The agent however cannot manually dial a particular number of repeat but productive calls can bring boost in your business one day itself.



What is a predictive dialer?

A predictive dialer is an outbound call processing Ana managing system. The predictive dialer undoubtedly is one of the major additions for the call center software because it analyses the computer algorithm based on the statistical modeling. The analysed data is further used to assign live calls to agents specializing in the particular field. Predictive caller is beneficial for the customers no longer need to wait on a call. The number of the customer is immediately dialled before the agent is about to end the call. Hence, the agent would immediately pick up the call and stay over it for a long time. As a result, there will be no downtime between the two calls.


One major benefit of predictive dialers is that the call center software would analyse all the algorithm to determine how long the agent would be on the call. Also, it further helps to determine when the agent should take up the next call. Based on the call drop ratio, further analysis is made determining how many clients should the agent handle. All the essential factors such as number of agent, the number of operating lines, details of the potential problems of the clients and average time which the person spends on call are taken into consideration to analyze what should be the dial ratio or how many calls can be handled.


The inclusion of predictive dialers in call center software has contributed towards improving the productivity of the customers. The clients can take an approximate of 40-50 minutes in each hour for calls and then proceed to the next. Hence, this is a major improvement in the sector as compared to manual dialing. Therefore, in that time the agents would be able to manage more than two calls. This, on the other hand, had it been manual calling, it would have taken around 30 seconds to connect itself. This can however have a negative impact on your business.


With this feature the people would no longer need to be worried about how much longer would they need to connect the call, or listen to different caller tunes, get busy tones, get rejected and more. The predictive dialer carries out the screening and thereby helps to cut down unproductive time. Apart from detecting the call results further call patterns, and changes are calculated. All these calculations are digital and without any human intervention.


The agent can be on the live call for a long time and help to enhance the value of customer. With the additional time, the telemarketer can work towards improving leads and sales pitch. The inclusion of call center software has only contributed to enhance the entire impact with increased sales, more profit and eventually more sales.


Benefits of predictive dialer

The predictive dialer can eventually contribute towards improving the call bounding process and change the entire call center operations. These are also beneficial for enhancing the conversion rate thereby reducing complexity of sales. Some of the prominent benefits of predictive dialer for your business include the following:


  • Reduced idle time

Manual dialing is extremely time consuming. This is mostly because the call center agents need to call the customers manually and need to wait till the call is answered. This however leads to excessive idle time for the customers. As a result, the call agent needs to spend a lot of time listening to busy tones and then getting rejected.


The predictive dialer feature can however find out the prospective flaws in your system while you are calling. They help to avoid most of the distractions and you can skip these portions directly to the call. Predictive dialers are effective as only answered calls are provided to get agent. This further helps in saving time and they can take up more calls in an hour.


  • Better Lead Conversion Ratio

call centre software

Call center software is one of the most efficient ways to enhance the lead conversion ratio because of the predictive call feature. Complex sales however can prove to be problematic but can surely drive high value leads and the outbound calling process.


The predictive call feature ensures to gather all the information regarding the customer before dialing the call. The information further helps the customers stay updated and get connected. Moreover, having a knowledge about the customer would make it easier for them to convince people to buy the products. This will further improve the lead conversion rate significantly.


  • Better agent talk time

Manual dialing has always proven to be discouraging for the call center. The call center software has this predictive call feature which can contribute towards improving the agent talk time. Comparatively, the agent talk time feature has improved at a significant rate as compared to previous times.


Apart from better call connect ratio, the idle time has also been reduced. This has however contributed towards bringing a boost for the customers as well as clients on call. With the predictive dialer feature implemented in the system, the agent call time will go up from 15-20 minutes per hour to that of 40-50 minutes per hour. This further contributes towards enhancing the customer management system, productivity and morale of the employees as well as customers.

predictive dialer


  • Better operational efficiency

If your call center software has auto dialing system, there is no requirement of manual dialing. Hence, this contributes towards enhancing the entire system. With the help of predictive calling feature, various problems can be overcome such as call drop, excessive wait time, misdialing and other problems. This further reduces the operational efficiency of your entire business.


The predictive dialing feature ensures that all the calls are connected through an agents. This feature can analyse if the calls are busy through signals, non-serviceable numbers and voicemails. This further contributes towards enhancing the call connect ratio. Higher number of connected calls can result in better agent productivity. Apart from that, it helps in enhancing the operational efficiency.


The predictive calling feature of call centre software can bring a boost in the entire functioning. Moreover, there won’t be any requirement to ignore any calls from potential customers. Before investing in any system you should prefer conducting a thorough research about it.