Call centre software: Improve quality and Choose the right one

When it comes to call centres, they have always been on the top as the potential job sector. Well, call centre software can further help in boosting up the entire business. KPI has an important role in call centers, but often you may struggle to reach the desired level. Nonetheless, this may hurt your customer service and you will need to boost up your functioning. It is necessary to maintain and build the optimal workforce and improve the quality of your call centre.


It isn’t always about the quality but also because of the cloud call center software. Depending on the quality of service you offer, you can eventually note a boost in your business. It is necessary to note that there are several vendors in the market and to choose the right one among them all can further get complicated. The software you purchase will also need to be selected based on your type of organization. Whether you are a small business or an established one, the right software can help to bring a difference in your business. Thus, make sure you choose a call centre software that helps in improving the quality of service for your customers.


Before proceeding to determine how call centre software can improve your business, you should know how to choose the best software.

  • Hidden cost

Whenever you are choosing the call centre software, make sure that you are paying for valid reasons. Although every business is unique, there shouldn’t be any hidden charges. Most of the call centre software vendors offer package systems for their calling and software capabilities. As a result, you should make sure to check with them thoroughly. Make sure to contact your vendor regarding every cost implication which will be imposed on timely recharges.


  • Security

Whenever you are choosing the call centre software, security should always be your prime concern. Since you are using it on the public cloud, security becomes an important concern you should determine whether you are getting short-term plans or the long-term ones. The software you choose must adhere to all the business regulations, new standards and innovations because your software would determine the kind of service you provide.


  • Usage restrictions

Every product comes with its usage restrictions. These software restrictions are implied with the effect of what or how much you can use the software. Most of the cloud-based software has limitation based on API per second, number of calls per minute and IVR level. As a result, before choosing the call centre software you should check if these come with restrictions or not. You should also choose the software based on queue addition.

call centre software


  • Telecom regulations

When it comes to Telecom regulations, you will be expected to ask a set of questions to the vendor such as ownership migration, virtual number, whether they will adhere by the VoIP service provider or more. If you do not know about the ownership migration of the business, your business might end up paying a significant amount of business.

Improving Call center quality

Although the quality is mostly dependent upon the software, it also depends on the quality of employees. The work of your employees can play an important role in bringing about the change in your business. The KPI of your business can essentially be improved with performance. Some of the prominent tips to help you improve the call centre quality include


  • Get all Data

KPI (Key Performance Indicator) can as well be considered as the main part of the call centre software. You should need to keep a check with it and gather all the information regarding it. Keeping a track with KPI can help you bring about changes in your business and further improve it.


  • Track all the channels

Most of the call centres have omnichannel customer support. If your business has been offering the same service, you should keep a track with all the work and practices. Most of the call centres only focus on answering customer queries via call and miss out on the importance of other channels. But being active via mail, SMS and more can also help in increasing your customer loyalty.


  • Give attention to low performers

It is necessary to give proper attention to your low performers because they are the building force for your business. Not only should you focus on low performers but all agents. Often it is necessary to provide proper training with the call centre software because this is the area they lack. Better training can help to bring a boost in KPI with better visible impact on your call centre.


  • Maintain feedback

Not only is it necessary to provide feedback to your employees, but also to keep a check upon the feedback from your customers. Apart from giving feedback to your agents monthly, you should make sure to maintain weekly records. Moreover, you should also keep a check on the business’s feedback. What your customers tell you about your business will help you to improve continuously. Always remember, whether positive or negative, the right feedback can help in bringing about change in the business.


Compare Call Centre Software Price

Call centre software may cost you money, but it can also pave ways for your business to save money. Since most of them come in schemes and plans, you should ensure to check with them thoroughly. With the advancement in time, the reporting function is being included in the call centre software to meet the business requirements. High-quality software will ensure to provide standard reports for your business. As a result, most of the details will be available at your fingertips itself.


  • Do you need additional features?

The call centre software prices are likely to go up if you want any additional features in your call centre software. However, these additional features can further contribute to enhancing the value of your organization. Automatic call distribution has become a major requirement for most of the businesses. These features makes it easier for you to dial based on the existing records.


Computer telephony integration is yet another major requirement which is not often integrated into the software. This feature is responsible for displaying all the information to your agent based on the person they have called. The integration is further required for meeting the business standards. Most of the software even has an IVR software designed to guide the customer to a particular department.


As the call centre owner, you should know about the importance of the management tools in the software. These can further help to increase your caller effectiveness. Moreover if you have a lot of features into your call centre software, it becomes easier for you to manage a series of things.


Common Call Centre Problems and how to solve them

The call center has always been the front-face of businesses for providing customer service. However, even a slight delay can prove to be extremely ineffective for the entire business. Several factors have often contributed to major problems and sometimes most of it is due to call centre software.


Some of the most common problems often witnessed in the call centres include the following


Agent attrition

For high-volume areas such as call centers, it becomes next to impossible for maintaining agents. Moreover, the agents have to sit for long hours in a cramped space which further brings about frustration. Moreover, low pay is also a reason why most of the employees leave call centers.

Often the employees have a tough time adjusting with the call centre software. Hence, you should prefer providing proper training to each of them to make the working space a fun learning and interactive workspace.


Less customer satisfaction 

Low customer satisfaction can prove to be extremely harmful to your business. Most of the call centres do not have software which makes it tough for them to manage and record the calls. The bad experience of customers can lead to less customer satisfaction.


One of the best solutions to this problem is to provide high-quality call centre software. The inclusion of IVR or Interactive Voice Response can provide a much better-personalised experience to the customers and agents. This eventually leads to easy solving of the problem.


No boost in performance

Matching to customer expectations is one of the most common problems in call centres. Since you own the company, you would want to provide the best results to the customers. Nonetheless, in certain cases you might feel that despite proper performance of your employees, you aren’t able to boost your performance.


Although this may appear as a small problem, not taking proper care of them can be negative for your business. As a result, you should be more compassionate towards your employees. You should be rewarding them for their good behavior.


Small steps itself can help to bring about a growth in your business. It is extremely necessary to choose an easy and convenient call center software for business profit.

How does call center software improve quality assurance?

Call centre software quality assurance is installed in the businesses to ensure that the agents are able to live up to the expectations of customers. It is the responsibility of the organization to include these in their businesses go enhance the customer service thereby serving better customer experience.


Enhanced customer experience can prove to be extremely fruitful for your business. You should ensure checking with the customer surveys and quality metrics for a better experience. The use of call centre software for improving quality assurance is bringing about more customers to the business. If you want to provide the best experience to your customers, it is necessary to have quality assurance integrated into your business. Moreover, the best way to integrate such high-quality assurance is to use call centre software.


Call Centre Software for Quality Assurance

The right call center software can ensure better quality assurance and also enhance the productivity within the business premises. It becomes extremely necessary to be choosing the right software. Instead of running behind the fake ones, you should prefer researching a bit on your own to enhance your overall experience. Some of the benefits of choosing call centre software for quality assurance in your business include


  • Maintains the quality standard for each call
  • Helps to provide better customer experience
  • Enhances customer retention
  • Meets the compliance requirement of each business
  • Keeps a check with quality assurance metrics and improves it


Some of the prominent features of a call centre software for your business include the following


  • Better reporting

call centre software

Real-time reporting is necessary for keeping a check with the productivity, business experience and customer experience. This will further be helpful for you to improve your customer experience.


  • Better use of call center software

Choosing the right call centre software implies one that is easy to use. Since you will be required to train your employees, it becomes necessary to use one that has all the potential capabilities.


  • Updates

The right call center software should be able to provide you with regular updates about the trends. Being updated about the features ensures that you are in the cutting edge and would get the best for your business.

Must-Have Features for A Call Centre Software

How much your business grows depends significantly on how good quality customer service you have been providing. In today’s world the internet has played an important role for easing the process of providing reviews and feedbacks for the fellow buyers. One poor experience with the company can reduce the entire reputation for the country, provided the review does viral. Hence, you should work properly towards maintaining the customer relations.


Moreover, a proper customer interaction can also pave ways for positive reviews. The right call centre software can make it easy for you to handle the clients. Moreover, this will have a long-lasting impact on the customer. Hence, if you want to give a significant boost to your business, you need to have a feature-rich call centre software. Some of the most required features include the following:


Cloud Connectivity

Call centres are present in different locations hence it is necessary to have a stable hosting connection. This ensures that the business will have a better functioning. If your customer isn’t able to hear you properly due to network issues, it will have a bad impact on the customer. As a result, the call centre software needs to have proper cloud connectivity feature so that you can get all the necessary features.


Unified Interface

As a customer service representative, the employee will need to note down all essential data of the customer. Therefore, there shouldn’t be any problem in acquiring information such as payment history, purchase record, and all other essential data. As a result, the call centre software with single interface can allow quick access to all employees. This further contributes towards increasing accuracy and responsiveness.

call centre software

Call Queue Management

Call queue waiting may often leave disappointed customers. However, additional features such as custom music, queue callback and voicemail can eventually help in improving caller experience.


Mobile access

Although staying in call centre is necessary, one should not avoid the benefit of providing mobile access. Almost all the businesses are adopting mobile application which helps in bringing about boost in your business. Providing mobile access with call centre software will make it easier for the customer service representatives to handle any kind of emergency.

Benefits of Call Centre Software For Small Businesses

Small businesses and startups often struggle with providing customer service. Most of this problem arises due to the lack of proper call centre software. The initial question must be to understand what benefit this software can bring to your startup even when you have Skype, phone and WhatsApp. One essential thing to note is that the software can play an important role in boosting your entire business.


Increases customer traffic in single lead

The small businesses have often struggled with keeping one lead as well. However, most of the customers tend to question, which often may leave you baffled if you fail to respond. Having a call center software can make it easy for executives to respond to the calls, thereby helping you to respond to customer questions quickly. This helps you avoid the risk of losing a customer.


Better professional setup

As a small business or a startup, you may have restricted cash flow which allows you to stay limited with your budget. Hence, in such cases, it becomes extremely difficult for your business to access any call centre software. Well, a lot of companies offer hosted packaged call centre software solutions. This is extremely cost-effective, for you do not need to pay any extra for upfront investments. Moreover, this software is compatible with different devices. Hence, for almost zero investment you get professional communication setup.


Better interaction

call centre software

Although physical interaction is not possible, face to face interaction is and with the help of call centre software, this has become easier. Most of the internet phones with software such as Yealink terminal allows video and audio chat. This can be easily available on mobile phones as well as desktops. The video chat features also enable conference so at a time, a lot of people can take part in it. Not only customers, but the team members can benefit from this as well.


Extracting data

With the call centre software, you can work towards aggregating data, and store it in a CRM. It will further be beneficial for you to analyze and derive intelligence. This will eventually be helpful to bring about a boost in your business.

How to choose the best call centre software?

Call center software has always been a major requirement for the businesses. Nonetheless, choosing the best software can be a daunting task. If you do a bit of research, you will be able to find the software without any doubt. Moreover, if you are in search of a software, make sure to take the following factors into consideration.



Based on price, ease of use, security and reliability, there are three different kinds of software. This include:

You should be careful about your business requirements so that you can easily get the software.



Once you decide the type of software you want, you should work on the features that it should have. Some of the prominent features of the call center software include:

You should be a little careful while choosing the features. If you have already found out a call center software and they do not have the features, you should look out for a new solution.



call centre software

The call center software in today’s time is more flexible than before. With so many browser-based call center software, you can access it from anywhere if there is a strong internet connection. Therefore, with the availability of all the required devices, you can indulge in your job. The transformation of on-premise to browser based software has made it easy for the software to improve flexibility.


Ease of use

premium virtual call recorder

The right features of the call center software can boost the flexibility of the business. An easy to use software can do wonders for your business. Whenever you are installing a software for your business, make sure that your team members are able to use it easily. Moreover, you can also conduct a navigation and test for the software. If your team members aren’t comfortable with the software, you should prefer looking for something else.

predictive dialer


Most of the call center software are expensive but they are worth the money too. If you do not get the right call center software for the price is too high, you will need to pay a much higher price when you lose a customer due to poor connectivity of software.

Save time with progressive dialer call centre software

Manually making outgoing calls can be incredibly time-consuming. Those seconds spent pressing buttons, dialling an 11-digit phone number, add up as the hours go by. Then, factor in time spent waiting for someone to answer. Often, those calls are ignored.

Running an efficient call centre seems almost impossible when your outgoing calls are ignored. Is it time to automate?

What is a progressive dialer?

A progressive dialer makes outgoing calls on behalf of your call centre staff.

The progressive dialer automates the process of making outgoing calls. It runs through your existing database, dialling numbers and waiting for responses.

When a call is answered, it will automatically transfer to an agent that’s free to talk. Your customers, or leads, will answer the phone to a human voice.

Why use a progressive dialer?

Using this form of call centre software will save more time than you might imagine. Your employees don’t need to spend time reading numbers from your database or typing them manually. Valuable seconds are saved with each and every call.

The progressive dialer also makes each and every call in the background. Your workers can continue interacting with leads whilst calls are being made elsewhere. Only the calls that are answered will be transferred to a human being, which means that nobody has to sit and listen to unanswered calls ringing out. Again, more time saved.

Agent A makes 200 outgoing calls each day. On an average day, 50% of people will answer their phone. Agent A spends 20 seconds making each call, and waiting for someone to answer. On an average day, Agent A spends more than half an hour on calls that will come to nothing.

If Agent A is just one of 20 call centre agents all working at the same pace, then you’re potentially losing 10 man hours each day. That’s an entire person’s wage going to waste!

With a progressive dialer, those 10 hours a day will be saved.

What happens when someone answers and no call handlers are ready?

call centre software

Perhaps one of the best features of this particular call centre software is that it paces its calls automatically. It matches call centre staff availability, so that calls are only made when there will be people available to answer them. It takes average call times into account so that an agent is always available.