Save time with progressive dialer call centre software

Manually making outgoing calls can be incredibly time-consuming. Those seconds spent pressing buttons, dialling an 11-digit phone number, add up as the hours go by. Then, factor in time spent waiting for someone to answer. Often, those calls are ignored.

Running an efficient call centre seems almost impossible when your outgoing calls are ignored. Is it time to automate?

What is a progressive dialer?

A progressive dialer makes outgoing calls on behalf of your call centre staff.

The progressive dialer automates the process of making outgoing calls. It runs through your existing database, dialling numbers and waiting for responses.

When a call is answered, it will automatically transfer to an agent that’s free to talk. Your customers, or leads, will answer the phone to a human voice.

Why use a progressive dialer?

Using this form of call centre software will save more time than you might imagine. Your employees don’t need to spend time reading numbers from your database or typing them manually. Valuable seconds are saved with each and every call.

The progressive dialer also makes each and every call in the background. Your workers can continue interacting with leads whilst calls are being made elsewhere. Only the calls that are answered will be transferred to a human being, which means that nobody has to sit and listen to unanswered calls ringing out. Again, more time saved.

Agent A makes 200 outgoing calls each day. On an average day, 50% of people will answer their phone. Agent A spends 20 seconds making each call, and waiting for someone to answer. On an average day, Agent A spends more than half an hour on calls that will come to nothing.

If Agent A is just one of 20 call centre agents all working at the same pace, then you’re potentially losing 10 man hours each day. That’s an entire person’s wage going to waste!

With a progressive dialer, those 10 hours a day will be saved.

What happens when someone answers and no call handlers are ready?

call centre software

Perhaps one of the best features of this particular call centre software is that it paces its calls automatically. It matches call centre staff availability, so that calls are only made when there will be people available to answer them. It takes average call times into account so that an agent is always available.