Call Centre Software Myths you shouldn’t believe

The call centre has been the major focus for the businesses. Each business needs call centre to provide unified customer service. It is usually the lack of proper customer service that most of the business tends to lose the customer base. Nonetheless, it is not only the lack of customer service but also the failure to offer why one should be using call centre software.


The right call centre software can play a major role in bringing boost around the business. But, often the business fails to do so. The lack of proper service to the customers makes the clients run away. Also, even today, when the technology has developed at such a rapid rate, not every business is opting for the call centre software. Several myths and beliefs have encircled the call centre software business that most of the business owners refrain from implementing this in their long-term service.


One should be aware that the call centres aren’t only for calling but more. Over the years, businesses have grown at a rapid scale. These aren’t only contact centres but more than that. However, the call centres have bad reputation but that in no way has affected the popularity. Using the right call centre software can be a major boost to your business’ customer service and quality assurance. Being a little careful with what you provide to your customers can be extremely helpful around the business.


Why do call centres have a low reputation?

Over the years, the call centre software tends to have a negative reputation with the customers. Compared to the local, offshores call centres have been a major problem for the business. Various factors have led to the customers beginning to hate the call centre such as the following


No proper respect

Often customers feel that the call centre employees haven’t treated them respectfully or your questions weren’t answered properly. This often happens with the call centre based offshores. Although it appears as a minor problem, it can be a major threat to your customer satisfaction.


Language problem

Believe it or not, while discussing with your call centre agents, the language barrier is sure to arrive. This is a very natural problem and yet a threat to customer service. Most people do not want to be aware of the existing language gap. Working in a call centre is all about having the correct accent and cultural knowledge. The lack of these two aspects will eventually make it tough for you to work in a call centre.



No matter how much one business denies it, each of them provides a script to their agent to communicate with the customers. While this is prevalent in ever customer centre, it is necessary to note that the customers do not like talking to scripted conversations. Scripted conversations often make the customers feel like their answers aren’t being given properly and moreover it makes them feel as if they are talking to a robot.


Customers hate middlemen

No matter how much you deny it, the customers just hate intermediaries. As a customer, they expect directly to talk to your company representative and not some other company. You should not be providing fake and unrealistic ideas to your customers. Not giving them proper response and including a middleman in-between can only help to destroy the customer experience.


What are the myths?

It is usually the surrounding myths that have made it impossible for the customers to sustain in the business. This, however, tends to have an overall negative impact. Some of the popular myths regarding the call centres include


The existing telephone system needs to be thrown away

Proper communication has an important role to play in each business. One of the most common misconceptions regarding the business is once you install the call centre software you will need to throw away the existing telephone system. This is not true because you can install call centre software even with your existing telephone system. Businesses that do not have existing system can opt for new ones, but the ones who already have the system can implement the software in itself. As a result, you will be able to give up on the older software and boost new service each day.


Service calls and quality

Quality is a major requirement for customer satisfaction. No customer wants disruptions in their call. As a result, it is extremely necessary for businesses to implement proper connection to avoid any inconvenience. If you have proper call centre software, quality and service won’t ever be a major issue. Moreover, even in case of bad weather you can be assured about the quality. The design and construction of the model have an important role to play. With the right software, you will be able to bring about a huge change in your business. You need to get in touch with experts who can provide you high-quality, reliable call centre software.



The functionality and flexibility of the call centre software are one of the most debated topics. People feel that the call centre software can only help to improve customer satisfaction and not others. However, it is very untrue. With the advent of call centre software, the flexibility has improved thereby proving to be helpful for the increased control and customisation. Since all of it is in the cloud, management has become very easy. The one-time integration of the call centre software with other applications can make it easier for the employees to carry out major amount of work.



One of the greatest and most common myths about the call centre software is that these are pretty expensive. Compared to the traditional system, call centre systems are extensively important and chape. It is necessary to get in touch with the right call centre software who can help to bring about a boost in the business. The traditional calling phones require extensive maintenance which can eventually prove to be expensive in the long run. However, this is not the case with call centre software. The agent and maintenance can eventually reduce a lot with the software model. As a result, the software model can help to make channelling easier despite the emergence of new businesses. If you compare the annual charges for on-premise business and software, you will eventually find that the software is affordable.



Call centre software, although on the cloud are extremely secure and helpful. With the centralised system of data storage, you can be sure about receiving high-quality business. Moreover, these systems are compliant with your business and ensure that you receive the required level of security. As a result, all the data of your customers are secure with the call centre software. With the call centre software, you don’t need to be worried about outsourcing the work. This is usually because most of it is already available on the cloud. Since you are not outsourcing any security requirements, you can be assured about receiving high traffic.


Call centre software has become a necessity for most businesses. Each day, a new trend or feature is being added in the software for better business. It is being anticipated that it in the coming years, call centres will become a predominant factor in most businesses.  Therefore, you should make sure to introduce one in your business as well for uninterrupted customer service.