Call Centre Software

call center software
call center software

Call Center software automates and standardizes the process of receiving and responding to customer phone calls. These solutions enable better monitoring of the customer experience, evaluation of employee performance and workflow management. Call Center software is related to Customer Service software and Help Desk software.

Call Centre Software

Explore Neotel’s Cloud-based Contact Centre Software

Old-school call centres require a huge upfront capital investment in on-site hardware and call centre software. But Neotel cloud-based contact centres are different. Reliable, fast to deploy, and easy to manage, Neotel call centre software solutions come with all the features you need to support customer service departments, telesales, help desks, and sales team. Cloud-based call centre software is nimble and easy to scale or customize. No extra hardware required.

Invest in the Best Cloud Contact Centre Technology

IVR is a critical component of any contact centre. With IVR, customers get quick answers to simple questions, and companies identify the right agent to handle incoming calls.

Imagine serving customers without ever putting them on hold.

Enhance Customer Experience

Neotel ensures that your cloud contact centre solution improves customer interactions while creating important cost savings through consolidation. The Neotel Virtual Contact Centre enhances typical virtual call centre capabilities with our best-in-class Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) technology.

The Cloud Call Centre Solution

With our tools your customers are more engaged and connected than ever before. Neotel is the leader in customer experience for call centre software solutions.

The advantage of a cloud-based call centre solution is immediate scalability.

Cloud call centre software enables businesses of all sizes to offer customer support for their products and services at a fraction of the up-front cost of deploying an on-premise phone system.

Call Centre Software

Improve customer interactions and agent productivity with our powerful, easy-to-use contact centre software in the cloud.

Build a cloud call center with Neotel.

Keep track of every call with call recording, and queue volumes. Measure your agent’s performance with real-time reporting and monitoring.

Measure call center metrics

Empower your call center agents

Call center software (or contact center software) helps customers reach businesses for their support needs.

Request a free demo and we will help you create your contact center today, complete with settings configuration.

Call recording and quality monitoring are critical components to ensure that your contact center is meeting core business goals.


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