Call Centre Trends to watch out for in future

The call centre has gone down a rapid change in the past few years. Last year, the call centres and customer experience faced a lot of differences due to new developments. However, the most common thing that ever remained was the inclusion of call centre software and virtual agents.


Virtual agents have played an important role in boosting the entire business. The advent of social media into businesses is also contributing to better business and more earning. However, 2019 saw rapid advancements as well with huge progress made in call centre software. Well, this was the year of strategic thinking, but few trends from this year are to stay in for the future as well.


In 2019, call centre software saw rapid development. As a result, most of the businesses are including it in their business. Artificial intelligence and social media conversation were one of the most common trends. Some of the prominent trends that are here to stay for a while in the call centre industry include


Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence gained extreme popularity in different sectors. It is however back to gain to get its prominence in the call centre industry as well. Most businesses rely on predictive analysis counted by artificial intelligence. These analysis has however helped narrow down the customer experience. This is not only bringing benefit to customers but agents as well.


The inclusion of artificial intelligence in call centre software is widely accepted and applied. This connection will further help to develop an ideal connection between the different social media channels and call centre response. The work of agents would become extremely easy and they would be able to focus properly on other aspects as well. No doubt, artificial intelligence in call centres can be a major boon to the industry.


Dependance on IVR

Intelligent IVR or Interactive Voice Response has been there in the call centre industry for quite some time now. However, the recent developments with artificial technology will only contribute to enhancing the entire impact. With the help of intelligent IVR, the calls will be directed to the agent who will be able to solve the problem effectively with a better-personalised experience.

call centre software

The speech recognition feature has also played an important role in IVR. The tone and identity of the caller will eventually be tracked down. This will be helpful for the particular department to handle the query. If the priority level of customers is identified, they are likely to stay in business. Therefore, under no circumstances would you lose your valuable customer.


Better call centre analysis

One of the major reasons why businesses spend in call centres in the analysis. Earlier people used to be dependant on the supervisor to determine how a particular agent has been performing. However, this is not the case anymore. Small Businesses are making the most out of all centre software because of the different analytics such as call and screen recordings taking screenshot, and providing feedback to clients.


Taking a note of all the manual information would eventually be problematic. The analytics programs are affecting how businesses are being affected. Most of the businesses display the data of dashboard on user interface. This ensures that clients and agents can stay updated. This further plays an important role in enhancing customer experience. Therefore, the modes of unified platform and strategy will continue to grow in the call centre industry in the future as well.


Omni-channel communication for all

Omnichannel communication has been a major requirement in the past few years. This is what differentiates the proactive businesses from the reactive ones. This holistic view of the businesses is ensuring that a personal approach is given to the customers for solving the problems.


Businesses over time realize that customers tend to move from one channel to another in search of potential solution for their problems. This continuous transfer may impact how your customer may perceive your business. The call centre industry is working towards unifying the communication channel through call centre software.


The unification of communication channels is, therefore, coming as a benefit for the businesses can focus on how the customer is being handled. This also gives them the liberty to solve the problems quickly. Moreover unified communication is also contributing to better opportunities to increase sales.


Cloud communication adoption

Most of the call centre businesses in today’s era are adopting the cloud communication strategy. This has become an effective part of the business in today’s world. Most businesses today have remote agents and thus it is necessary to take them in loop of the business as well. Cloud communication strategy is thus forming an important part of the call centre software.


Most information of the agents and customers are stored in the cloud. The traditional call centre sectors can move to new places and meet the demands of the growing industry as well. However, this does not need to happen one time.


To implement this cloud communication feature in your business, it is necessary to find the right vendor. Neotel2000’s call centre software contains all features tailored specifically to meet business requirements. Therefore, without very less or no upfront cost, the entire thing is done at an affordable rate.


Coming in of self-service tools

The self-service tools are all set to dominate the call centre industry in coming times. Reports predict by next year, customers will be able to resolve their problem on their own without having to contact any real human.


The self-service tools are likely to take up the market. Since it is a new concept, tutorials will be provided for the customers so that they can enjoy a straightforward process. Various videos, flowcharts and tutorials will be provided to enhance the entire impact and resolve the issue.


Customer convenience will always take the first hand. Therefore, no matter what they want and where they want, everything will be catered to them as long as they have a good internet connection. When self-service tools are included in business, the need to reach out to a human agent will be given secondary position.


Better customer satisfaction measures

In the call centre industry, the most importance is given to the customer. Therefore, customer satisfaction plays an important role in determining how and where businesses can improve. With changing times, the business measures are changing as well, but the importance of customer satisfaction isn’t lost among all.


The Negative Response Rate strategy introduced by Amazon still happens to be one of the best ones to determine the business’ working. NRR plays an important role in determining customer satisfaction level. Customer should always be given the main importance across different digital channels to retain them.


With the help of the right tools and strategies, customer satisfaction will eventually be calculated.


More remote agents

One of the main reasons why the call centre never hired remote agents was the lack of means. However with the coming in of call centre software technology, most businesses will eventually be hiring more agents.


Rather than being temporary, the remote agents will be made permanent and beneficial ones for the business. The collaboration tools are contributing towards helping the businesses and allowing these remote agents to take part as well. The remote agents with proper internet connection can work from their mobile as well keeping in check the real-time analytics and customer context.