Common call center agent problems

High-quality customer service has become a major problem in today’s generation. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that the call centers are one of the most rising sectors in the industry. Well, to get success in your business you need to ensure that you provide high-quality customer service. These centers are your face to the public which is why it is necessary to take proper care of it.


With the improving services, there have been several problems that are arising in the call center services. This, however, is preventing people from working thoroughly. Although solutions are being offered, nothing much is being done to prevent these problems.


What are the biggest threats? 

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Over the past few years, the challenges and problems faced by the call center industry have risen significantly. No matter how much you work towards implementing the best of all services, it often becomes a problem to do so because of some hurdle or the other.


Several reasons such as technology to the budget have contributed towards the rising problems in the call center industry. While these may initially appear as small problems, it can eventually become a big one in the coming one.


Some of the biggest threats having a negative impact on the call center industry include the following:


Lack of budget

As per experts even if the call center business is being run on a small scale, it is bound to undergo problems because of lack of budget. This has been a constant problem in the contact centers. Needless to say that it is for this reason that a lot of contact centers do not have proper call centre software which could have eased their entire cost. One major reason for the lack of budget is high expenditures on the staff.


While savings have an important role to play in these contact centers most of the executives do not see it as a potential option and demand standards. The call centers are rather being perceived as cost centers which are why they are unable to provide high-quality service.


As a result, any call center organization facing difficulties need to keep a check on their strategy. One essential thing to note is that implementing call center software in the system can play an important role in cutting down huge manual costs. Therefore you can reduce employees and eventually get benefitted.



Call center employees are one of the most physically and mentally drained employees. Why? This is usually because of the stressful and timeline maintaining environment they are made to work in. Sometimes it may so happen that these employees fall sick due to emotional issues. As per data, about 11% of the employees remain absent throughout the year from call centers.


Initially, it may not seem like a big deal but the numbers of absentees can eventually rise. This will further have a negative impact on the kind of business you are providing. The higher number of employees are absent, the higher will be the chances of absentees increasing. This is usually because the workload of the absentees comes on those who are presenting. Thus, the increasing number of absentees is not only impacting staff morale but also preventing the growth of business on a fast scale.


Call center industry is extensively known for its large amount of manual labor. The high manual labor is why most of the people are absent. As a result, to solve this problem, most of the call center organizations these days are implementing call center software in their business. You can keep a check on the absentees and eventually it also reduces manual labor since the software would handle basic tasks. As a result, less task would mean a stress-free environment and more people would attend the workplace.


Lack of time and human labor

This is one of the hurting workforce management problems in the call centers. Due to this problem, there are usually three areas under which the people are lacking


  • Managing the employee time- It is extremely necessary to use the time of employees presence properly. Preparing a strategy can help enhance time management for employees.


  • Work schedule- No doubts meeting in any business is important but it is also necessary to maintain a work schedule. Whenever you are preparing a work meeting, you should prepare a work schedule that all the skilled employees are present at their desired places.


  • Requirements- The call centers usually have high requirements which are why you should work towards managing it thoroughly. You may prefer preparing a proper list about your requirements and see if you are meeting those or not.


Implementing the call center software in your business can play an important role in time and workforce management for your employees. Moreover, if you have a historical record of the contact volumes, the work will become easier for you. You can mention a list on the software and then work towards it to solve it accordingly.


Call Center Agent Engagement

Most people do not see call centers as a prospective career which is why they lose interest. Since call centers require you to put in so much effort, after a certain period of time, the interest of the employees fades away. Eventually the people would lose interest in their work and become absentees. This will further lead to attrition.


Call center business can get extremely monotonous for one continuously needs to sit by the computer and attend calls. While it may appear extremely tiring, it is necessary for businesses to implement innovative and new techniques to keep the energy of the people boosted. Rather than letting people work alone, group activities should be encouraged so that they stay interested in their work. It is the small changes that help to bring a huge growth in the business thereby leading to better performance by the individuals.


Lack of skills

As said, after a certain point of time the call center employees fail to maintain their interest in the work because of the excessive monotony. This, however, impacts their performance negatively. This lack of interest can lead to lack of skills and people wouldn’t eventually focus on their work anymore.


The monotony is one of the major reasons why there is an absence of the required skills. This eventually leads to your business sinking to loss. Experts suggest that “Speed to Answer” and “Average Time Handling” is the major reason why there are no proper skills.


The call center organizations should work towards promoting Net Promoter Score to ensure proper service to all. Moreover, the implementation of call center software is one of the most effective ways to boost up the entire performance and skills. Quality and quantity both matter in case of call centers which is why both should be taken care of properly.


Flat Structure

The absence of better opportunities has always been a major problem in call centers. The employees do not get sufficient time to progress. The absence of proper advisors is the reason why there is a flat structure in the call center organizations.


You should be realistic about what you want to achieve. Although there are fewer opportunities, efforts should be made to bring in more opportunities. Moreover, instead of short-term, long-term results should be taken care of. Therefore, you should use the required skills and develop a better environment for all.