Essential features to have for a call center software

Call centre software has played an important role in boosting up the economy and functioning of the businesses. Although these are necessary, it is more necessary to understand which one can bring about a change in the business. If you are new to the call center software industry, it will be tough for you to determine the best software. Moreover, the problems arise when people aren’t sure of what features they exactly want from the software.


Indeed, call center software isn’t a new process, but it is also necessary to understand that there has been a profound change in the current feature from the past ones. In the past ten years, the call center software has evolved a lot paving the way for potential business. Each call centre software tends to have certain features designed for each type of business.



Whether you are new or have been in the business for long, knowing the essential features would bring you one step closer to choosing the best one. Moreover, one essential important thing to note while choosing the software is to determine what type of business you have; whether you are an established business or a small startup. Nonetheless, irrespective of the size of your business, call center software can bring a huge boost in your business.


If you have finally decided to purchase a call center software, there are certain features you need to take a close look at. These features would further make it easier for you to determine whether or not you should choose the software.



Telephony happens to be one of the most essential and beneficial features of the call centre software. Without telephony, the software would be nothing but a farce. Telephony refers to the process of telecommunication technology. With the help of this technology, more than one or two people can connect with each other. Most of the call centers over time are including software that has telephony features for the convenience of their users.


Skill-based routing

It is one of the essential features required in the call center software to offer service to their potential callers. With the help of skill-based routing, the calls are transferred to the employees depending on the ranks, agents and departments. Therefore, it begins from the lower level and then proceeds to the higher level depending on the customer requirements.


Based on the agent level, managers assign certain tasks and tags to the agent. The tasks are usually assigned according to their expertise, department, demographics and locations.

The agents would require to receive calls based on their assigned tasks.


One major benefit of having skilled based routing implemented in the business is that the call is sent out to people who are experts in a particular field.


Call control

call centre software

Would you like using a software that does not allow you to complete control over call? The absence of call control can however prove to be extremely discouraging for the agents as well as the customers. This is usually because the customer relationship is hampered. Nonetheless, with call center software, call control feature is one of the essential things to note. You may be wondering what call control feature is?


Call control feature ensures that the concerned employee can handle even the smallest of all tasks such as mute, hang up, transfer, hold and more. Most of the progressive call center software has the functionality feature enrolled with them. Thus, it becomes helpful and easy for the agents to transfer the call with a single click.


Interactive Voice Response

Interactive Voice Response or IVR is one of the most looked forward services for the call center software. With the IVR, the calls and issues are identified which is further transferred to the customer of a particular agent, waiting queue, department and pre-recorded message. With the IVR implemented in call center software, the caller will get the choice to select from his preferred options.


The software will analyze their option and would transfer the call to the most appropriate agent. Therefore, it is best for businesses that have different requirements or functions in specific fields.


Automatic call pop

With the help of automatic call pop feature, all the required information of the caller will pop up on the screen as soon as the phone rings. This information is further analyzed to match customer requirements. Nonetheless, all the personal details such as number, name, picture and company are reflected on the screen. Automatic call feature, as the companies claim is one of the most required features of the call center software. This is usually because the agents would get to have a personalized experience with the callers. Therefore, even if they are interacting for the first time, they will be able to do it with complete ease.


Automatic call distributor

Often call center managers have had a tough time determining what is the difference between an automatic call distributor and an interactive voice response. Both of it, however, has a significant impact but there’s a difference between the two. It will be sufficient to say that the automatic call distributor is the backbone of software.


Similar to interactive voice response, automatic call distributor is like a telephony system that forwards the call to the most relatable agent. However, unlike interactive voice response, they can as well manage other things with the call distributor features such as call volume, wait time, call duration calls handled and more. Apart from that they also ensure the managers to check call monitoring, call bathing, whisper coaching and call conferencing. Nonetheless, it is necessary to call center software to have ACD.


Call monitoring

With the call monitoring feature, the managers will be able to listen to the live call between agents and callers. The call monitoring feature is helpful for newly hired employees. The managers will be able to keep a track on their speed, and performance. One major benefit is that the manager wouldn’t get to know who the client or employee is. Thus, the progressive call center software helps in solving the problem so that the manager can keep a check on the calls. However, a computer and an internet connection are required for the manager to keep a check.


Conference calling

Conference call is required if the employees are spread around different remote corners. The conference calling feature of call center software helps in boosting the collaboration and productivity among employees. With this feature more than three people can stay connected to each other. Moreover, it is helpful as you would no longer need to stay involved with transferring calls to another department to solve complex issues.


Predictive caller

Predictive dialer or caller happens to be one of the most effective features of the call center software. With this feature, several agents are contacted so that anyone of them picks up. Once the call is answered, the call is eventually transferred to the live call agent through predictive dialer. Nonetheless, this feature does not serve major benefits to the outbound sales team. Moreover, with predictive caller more leads can be contacted.


The call center software can also help in boosting communication among the agents. Neotel has a range of call center software that offers most of the common features for the convenience of your business. As a result, it will be helpful for solving modern problems.