Everything you need to know about auto-dialer software

Call centre software is evolving regularly. This is playing an important role in bringing about change in their business. Earlier, some decades ago, employees faced a lot of trouble with finger sores because they had to reach out to dialers to contact the customers. But the time of dialing to customers is long gone and different developments have been brought about in this arena.


What you used to see and what you see in today’s generation, has a lot of differences. The customer representatives have often had problems with their jobs and with the developments solution to their problems are being brought about as well. The introduction of auto-dialler software has proven to be a major boon to everyone. This is usually because they do not need to know how to check numbers or see lists. All of it will regularly evolve for them.


What is auto-dialer? 


The auto-dialer is one of the too parts of the call centre software. The dialer is either attached to the telephone set or has cloud-based software. With the help of this software, dialling numbers is no longer a problem. The number can be dialed automatically in a row based on timing and requirement.


One of the major benefits of having the auto-dialer is that it can keep a check on disconnected calls, busy phones, voice mails and the registered numbers. The cloud-based call centre software from Neotel is eventually a boost to your business. You should make sure to keep a check on the auto-dialer software for your business’ added benefits.


History of auto-dialer

The auto-dialer consists of all the necessary features. As mentioned, the features of an auto-dialer have become advanced and evolved over the years. Earlier, the dialers were able to only make calls but today they are able to do so much more. Since they were only used for making calls, a representative had to be present always to manually dial or receive the calls.


Back then, the aim of the dialer was to act as a connection between the customer and the representative. The cold calling feature of auto-dialer faced severe backlash from the audience. Hence, to solve this problem, surveys were carried out to determine what improvements can be made in the long run.


The advent of modern technology led to determine and understand the behavioural and contextual purpose. This has further played an important role in determining the functioning. The businesses are using the auto-dialer, to increase the reach. Moreover, this tends to have significant positive impact on the business from lead generation to conducting after-sale survey.


Different Types of auto-dialer

Based on the requirement of your outbound marketing, you can always get auto-dialer for your business. Some of the prominent types of auto-dialer include the following


Predictive Dialer

progressive dialer

Based on the requirement, the predictive dialer determines when to reach a live person. It analyses the busy numbers, answering machines and disconnected calls. The router connects the call of the audience to live agents to prevent idle time and call dropping. This type of dialer is suitable for businesses that receive high call volumes.


Progressive dialer

With the help of progressive dialer, calls can be made only when the agent is available. Therefore, there won’t be any requirement of providing silent calls to the customers. The progressive call is beneficial for promoting your customer campaigns, or for setting up appointment and renewing subscription.


Power Dialer

The power dialer is provided on the basis of the agent-customer ratio. If the representative is available, calls will be made to the agent and customer depending on their availability. As a result, the call centre manager will eventually be able to maintain call frequency and dialling ratio.


Preview Dialer

Preview dialers are the most effective for nervous agents. With the help of preview dialer, the agents will get an opportunity to be prepared for the conversation with customers. Also, they will be able to get a hold of the customer details. One major benefit is that the agents get enough time to develop strategy and enrich the personalised experience and customised interaction. Preview dialer is beneficial for B2B businesses to make sales calls.


Benefits of auto-dialer

The inclusion of auto-dialer through call centre software can prove to be a huge boost to your business. The return on investment is high too in case of an auto-dialer. Some of the prominent benefits of having an auto-dialer implemented in the system include the following


Increased agent efficiency

predictive dialer

Increased agent efficiency is one of the major benefits of an auto-dialer call centre software. The talk time is much more than the general ones. The ratio of callers to agents is always taken into consideration before setting up the call. The drawback scenarios are analysed and the calls are set up accordingly. Based on the number of agents available, the calls are made.


Usually, the call time for agents is considered to be 40 to 59 minutes per hour. The predictive mode of the dialler can, however, help in enhancing the impact. Based on the requirement, the highest talk time is taken into consideration. Moreover the dropped calls are also taken into consideration by the predictive diallers.


Increased agent efficiency can be boosted by 200-300% for the agents. The boost in agent productivity per hour is one of the most necessary things to be taken into consideration. Irrespective of data used, the percentage increase is normal.


Better data

The data is usually uploaded into the database synchronisation either manually or automatic. This data needs to be processed quickly for it can be an efficient boost for sales leads.

call centre software

With the help of an auto-dialler, the data can be processed extremely easily and efficiently. Since this is quite fast, it ensures that all the data uploaded is fresh. Moreover, the dialler makes the recycling process easy as well. With the help of an auto-dialler, most of the information can be processed quickly and professionally, thereby contributing to increased sale and better conversion rate.


Professional brand

Most companies need to bring about change in their sales strategy to stay updated with the market, and moving economy. This often turns out to be difficult on the part of many companies. However, the inclusion of auto dialler can contribute to enhancing the entire impact.


An auto-dialler is full of necessary data required for better functioning of the business. Moreover, the features in auto-dialer make it one of the best parts for running a successful business. With the help of auto-dialer, the manager will be able to keep a check on inconsistent service and agent team. Therefore, they can contribute to better agent churn. The auto-dialler also ensures that they can remove all the negativities of a business.


Real-time visibility

If you want to stay ahead of your competitors, you need to ensure that you respond to the customers quickly. An auto-dialer provides you with all the necessary features that can help you keep a check on the benefits of real-time.


It is also beneficial for keeping a check on the agent performance. Good quality data is easily available through the platform. People pay for the service and if you do not provide them with a good one, the customers will run away. As a result, it is necessary to offer them high-quality service with proper data. The real-time visibility feature helps to enhance the impact.