How to keep your customers contact database clean from spam?

Cybersecurity has become an important concern in the IT sectors today. Most of the call centre businesses are working towards implementing the system thoroughly for extra benefits. However, the threat of cyber attacks on customers is increasing each day but the problem is not every organisation is paying close attention to cleaning it.


One of the main reasons why businesses aren’t paying attention is spams. But spam is one of the most common ways for cyber attacks. If it isn’t taken care of in time, it can have a significant negative impact on the business. Cyberattacks on the database can eventually hamper your customers thereby leading to be problematic for you. Cyber attacks are one of the major frustrating issues.


Cyberattacks can get extremely problematic for email marketers. As a business, you should ensure proper contact list cleaning for your agents. Moreover as a business you need to ensure to bring about proper deals. The right cybersecurity plan can contribute to the enhanced business. According to reports, most of the business owners are implementing cybersecurity and technology risk into the business so that one can easily fight it.


What is email list cleaning?

Email list cleaning refers to the process of removing the inactive or old contacts from the email database. The contacts that are no longer active in the database might be blocked or bounce back. After a certain period of time, these emails eventually become spam traps and become harmful to the business.


It is extremely necessary to keep a check at the email list regularly and to clean it thoroughly. Just a brief check and cleaning will help to update the entire list. If you work properly, you will be able to get rid of the old and spammy links. It is as easy as getting rid of unwanted things in your house.


Also, keeping the account free of contacts will help to increase the opening rate. While removing spammy content from email seem easy, it is not. This is no less than scary. As a business owner, you should work towards enhancing the overall impact. Removing the mail accounts that are no longer active can only contribute towards boosting your productivity.


Email list cleaning is simple but it requires a lot of time. You just need to check the email list and remove what is not active and keep what is active. You put in a lot of effort to gather the list but then you need to remove. This is one of the best ways to grow your brand but it is scary. Also, it helps to improve your brand since you get to interact with new audiences and eventually boost your business.


Why clean email list?

Over the past few years, email list cleaning has become a necessity among businesses. This is usually because the clogged email list can affect your deliverability negatively. Most of the businesses are implementing call centre software that updates them about the importance of email list cleaning.


The open increase rates are one of the main reasons why you should be focused on cleaning thoroughly. The internet service providers analyse your strategy and work towards attaining it thoroughly. They keep a check on your opening rate. If your open rate is too low and the ISP analyses it, they have an understanding that no one is interested. If the ISP analyses the open rates to be low and works accordingly, it will eventually hurt your business.


If you clean your email list regularly you are ensuring that the business is functioning properly. Moreover, you are also ensuring that the business moves rapidly. One of the major advantages is that cleaning your email list will help to improve the ratio of emails sent to emails opened. Although the return on investment will be the same, the ISP will eventually improve over time.


As a business, you wouldn’t want any negative impact on your business. This will however not be possible if you have a good ISP. Worse ISP will lead to most of your mails entering the spam folder. If your mails end up in the spam folder, it can be an indication that your ROI and engagement will also be reduced over the years.


But maintaining ROI and ISP isn’t the only reason why you should be cleaning your email list. Call centre software keeps a check with all spam mails and whether or not it can harm your system in negative ways. Often it may happen that these negative folders are meant for harming your system thereby making prone to cyberattacks.


Also, when you clean the email list, you will be able to keep a check with your favorite brands. This will make it easier for you to get content that suits your interests and needs the best. Focusing on what you love can help to enhance the conversion rate.


How to keep spam away from contacts?

Often businesses think that to get away with the spam they will need to change the entire working and delete all the contacts. Well, this is not required when you are trying to get the spam out of your system. Any business without a company website should prefer getting one to enhance the customer experience. Also, the website helps to break the barrier first and improve familial bonds.


Most businesses are implementing ways through which they can easily get over the spam content from their folder. Some of the easy ways to do so include


Change your business contact

Since you are in business, there are sure to be a lot of contacts on the website. The easiest ways to prevent spam on the website is to change the way you write your mail or number. Apart from that, you can increase security by adding captcha to view the complete number.


Invisible Extra Field

The invisible extra field is referred to as the honey-pot method to keep everything in check. It is the opposite of captcha checkbox. The bot finds a form or checkbox and completed it that is invisible to the human form. If the checkbox fills up on submission, it brings about spam attempt and eventually leads to the mail being deleted before entering the system. This subject is programmable in various HTML platforms and websites.



As the business platform you never know if the sender is human or not. To ensure that the sender is human, you can include the captcha on contact forms. This eventually leads the sender to try out various intelligence quizzes. The quiz often contains distorted letters and numbers for the sender to solve. Some of them are arranged in an extremely complex procedure making it impossible for humans to solve them. If the toughest one is easily cracked, it eventually indicated spam mail.


Person validation

The validation from a human is often necessary to keep a check on the business. Person validation is expensive and necessary and the most functional one than other options. As the business owner, you can employ one person to keep a check on it. They will be responsible for removing the spam mails and keep the valid ones. However, if the contacts aren’t synced, individual validation will be required in each case.