Premium Virtual Call Recorder

premium virtual call recorder
premium virtual call recorder

Call Recording software allows organizations to obtain records of employees’ actual interactions with customers. This type of software provides full-time, random, and on-demand recording, allows employees to save, sort, and retrieve call recordings on their computers.

Outbound VOIP Call Recording

Call recording from Neotel offers unlimited potential to enhance your business’s communication efforts that add great value to your phone lines. With call recording, Neotel customers have unlimited recording of calls, and there is no limit to the length of calls per recording. Storage of calls is typically two months, and they can be accessed at any time. If desired, long-term storage of calls is available with Neotel Premium virtual call recorder.

Call Recording from Neotel

Because calls are recorded, any important information will be automatically saved, so you don’t have to worry about not writing down a number accurately, or if you forgot the exact quote given to you. Having the ability to recover every detail from a conversation can be very useful.

Recorded calls are perfect for offering examples when training new staff members, or refreshing your current team on procedures.

The Benefits of Having Call Recording

Accessing calls that are recorded is very simple and it can be done anytime by logging into your account and heading to the dashboard.

Many businesses find enormous value and convenience in having call recording and as a result, it is one of the most necessary features for businesses today. With the call recording service from Neotel, all inbound calls can be automatically recorded and saved. Its uses are endless, and having the ability to automatically record calls offers benefits such as security, training for customer service, and providing evidence if / when needed.

Business calls are often very important, and the information that gets exchanged can be very valuable. Whether the conversation is a general customer service interaction, or if it includes a financial transaction with important information, with call recording, all of the information contained in the call can be saved.


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