Virtual PBX

virtual pbx
virtual pbx

Thanks to this IP voice solution, you save on costs from the first day at the same time as you offer a professional image and attention to your customers.

Manage and customize your customized calls with the flexibility to modify any service instantly.

The virtual PBX essentially maintains the attributes characteristic of the traditional telephone exchange.

This form of fully configurable and flexible IP telephony means a great cost savings and communications efficiency, both between your company headquarters anywhere in the world and between your current customers and potential clients.

If your business needs to renew its physical switchboard, or if you want to take advantage of all the advantages offered by IP telephony, the Virtual PBX is a service that will cover all your needs and expectations. It is also fully scalable, so it offers customized solutions for all types of companies.

Thanks to the virtual PBX of Neotel you can unify the communications of your companies and save costs, both calls and maintenance.

A Virtual IP PBX is an Advanced Telephone System through which you can have in your company as many extensions as you want, fixed or mobile, in the same location or even in different locations or countries, without the need to make an important financial outlay to buy A physical switchboard.

Unify your communications, save on facilities, maintenance and technicians. We offer you advanced solutions for the telephone attention of your company.

Without increasing investment costs or technical difficulty. Your Virtual Switchboard will be hosted in the cloud, so you will not need to buy, install, maintain or upgrade a physical switchboard.

Virtual switchboard

Neotel’s virtual PBX allows companies to enjoy all the advantages and capabilities of a modern high-end PBX, without the need to invest in new equipment or costly installations.

Virtual PBX VoIP System

At Neotel we have been setting up virtual switchboards for our clients since 2001, which has allowed us to know the real needs of them, and to acquire the necessary experience to have a clear vision of the customers’ needs.

Advanced call management with cloud technology, with no investment in hardware and adaptable to business variations.

It is a service that allows you to have the most advanced features of a switchboard without having to install a physical switchboard.

This form of telephony allows a great saving on call costs and technical maintenance, increasing in turn, the functionalities and the flexibility in its communications. With the Neotel virtual switchboard you will improve the communications of your business while saving on calls and technical maintenance.

Neotel is a leader in enterprise IP telephony. With us, it will increase the functionalities in the communications of your company, reducing the costs.

Neotel is a solution in the cloud that offers all the functionalities of a Physical Switchboard.

Give a more professional image working from anywhere improving your productivity, saving time and money in your communications. You can create and customize the welcome message, the interactive menu, the extensions, define the opening hours, filters, diversions and calls queues ….

Access the management of the Virtual Center via web from anywhere, where you can control and manage your services instantly.

The virtual switchboard services are managed through the Internet and allow not only the benefits of the physical telephone exchanges of a lifetime but also provide more advanced features, since it allows you to have extensions in any location where you have Internet, Calls, etc.

You do not need to buy a physical switchboard, or perform any maintenance, just pay for the services and extensions you need and only when you need them.

You can have one or several extensions in your office, in your home, in another city, or in another country, and manage them with all comfort and freedom through the Internet accessing your administration panel.

A flexible and scalable integrated corporate communications solution for your company’s voice to get there where it should go.

Know everything that our Virtual Center can do for the communications of your company.

Neotel is an integral solution of virtual switchboard and software call center unique in the market.

There are many advantages to using a virtual IP PBX versus a traditional PBX. Fundamentally this is a matter of cost and agility. In addition the agility of our system allows to add telephone numbers, lines (extensions), voice channels, etc., totally online, in real time.

Each extension connects to the VoIP virtual switchboard through us, so it does not matter where you are physically located, it will always work. And yes, the calls between your extensions are free, although each one is miles away.

There are many more advantages to using a virtual versus traditional switchboard.

Thanks to the Telephone Surveys service, we are able to measure market trends, consumer preferences and opinions.

Through the use of established questionnaires and perfectly structured in advance, surveys are an ideal method to have an orientation or study to perform.

Telephone surveys are a method by which companies are fed information that helps them act in the right way to grow

With the telephone survey service you will get valuable information about your brand, the competition and the market situation that will help you make more accurate and effective decisions.

If you have any questions about our customer survey service, please contact us without obligation through our form. We look forward to your comments.

We will answer you in the shortest possible time.


Big savings in Hardware invest could be achieved through Neotel’s virtual PBX. All services controlled by a simple Control Panel, and it is easily integrated with mobile phones. You could find next services among others in our PBXs: sending virtual faxes by Internet, automatic redials, international numbers, Call Me Back or corporate agenda and so on…


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